Softub - Energy Efficient

Even if it ’s Mocha, your Softub is still GREEN!


All Softub spa models meet the stringent Appliance Efficiency Regulations as set forth by the California Energy Commission. 

The state of California is the first governing  body to adopt energy efficiency  guidelines for hot tubs. Similar to fuel economy standards for automobiles, all hot tubs sold in the state of California must meet a baseline energy usage level.

All Softub models operate well under the required baselines for the units.



In addition to the unique HydroMateTM design, the patented technologies of your Softub spa enlists the use of PolybondTM and molded foams, which create the truly unique look and unsurpassed energy efficiency of the tub. The SmartchipTM and its patented programming further reduce the energy demands.

For even more energy savings, use a Softub Energy Kit, which increases heat retention by 30%, thus reducing energy needs by the same amount.

Spa cover upgrades are also available. Request 2lb. foam and add 33% more insulating foam!


Softub Energy Efficient Download