Softub vs Acrylic Tubs

Many of the processes and manufacturing techniques used to create the Softub spa are patented and Softub, Inc. continues to set industry standards for innovations in portable hot tub design. Softub, Inc. employs a team of engineers that devote themselves to make the most energy efficient,comfortable, affordable and enjoyable spa on the market.

SITE PREP All you need is a level surface - indoors or out. You don't have to spend extra for construcion or a concrete pad. Consturction, excavation, or concrete pad sometimes necessary for permanent locations.
ELECTRIC A Softub plugs intoa regular household outlet. We also include a Ground Fault Indicator. All you do is plug it in. Installation of extra amperage of 220V - 60amp line is normally needed. Additional GFCI purchase required.
INSTALLATION Delivery is quick and easy. One person can set up a Softub in just minutes! Costly crew, placement, plumbing, electrician costs. Crane sometimes necessary.
PORTABILITY You can easily roll a Softub through a doorway, down stairs, or across a yard. The heaviest component weighs less than 95 pounds. Cumbersome. Difficult or impossible to move. Typically 400-900 pounds.
RELOCATE A Softub us easily moved from spot to spot, home to home, indoors or out. Usually not practical dur to weight and site preparation.
HEAT For all their power and features, Softub spas are remarkably simple to operate. In a climate with an average 65° temperature, the typical Softub requires just 4 kw hours of electricity per day to stay 102° and ready to use. At 8¢ per kw hour, that would be just 32¢ per day, or $9.60 per month.* Separate heating element is expensive to perate and replace. Monthly cost approx. $20-$40.
THERMAL LID All Softub spas include an insulated lid to save heat and water. May be an accessory.
JET POWER Strategically placed, interchangeable hydrojets provide powerful hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy often uneven due to number and configuration of jets.
SAFETY A Softub plugs into a regular household outlet. There are no additional costs. It's cord mounted and comes with a Ground Fault Indicator. Must use caution with slippery surface and hard corners. Dangerous hidden depths.
COMFORT Softub Spa's have a padded surface that's as comfortable as an easy chair. Hard surface resembles concrete floor.
SEATING Go ahead and stretch out! Spacious, open barrier - free seating allows a variety of positions and activities. Molded plastic "assigned" seats restrict activity and positioning.
USAGE A Softub is always hot and ready to use - 24 hours a day.