Softubs Benefit Diabetics

Many people develop Type 2 diabetes, also referred to as “adult-onset Diabetes”. Watching our weight and moderate exercise is an essential part of managing Type 2 diabetes. There are many ways that managing diabetes can be improved through hydrotherapy in a Softub spa.


Exercise is an essential part of any treatment plan. Exercise releases lactic acid into the muscles. Lactic acid is responsible for the sore tired feeling we experience after exercise. Hydrotherapy in a Softub spa increases blood circulation, delivering nutrients to muscle cells and carrying away lactic acids. The Softub spa’s adjustable jets gently massage your muscles delivering warmth deeper into your tissue and providing greater relaxation and relief of soreness.

Stress management

Diabetics are particularly susceptible to stress, which can aggravate complications associated with the disease. When stressed, the body releases hormones that cause elevated blood pressure, and increased metabolism. For the diabetic, this surge can release stored glucose from the liver and muscles, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar.

A warm soak in a Softub spa with a gentle massage of the jets has been shown to reduce the effects of stress in many ways. As the body relaxes and the blood is warmed it flows more easily, reducing blood pressure. As circulation increases, more nutrients are delivered to muscles, replenishing tissue. At the same time, toxins that have built up in the muscle tissue is flushed away.

Limited Joint Mobility

People with Type 1 diabetes may develop joint stiffness and limited mobility. Hydrotherapeutic massage in a Softub spa is an excellent method for relieving both the pain and stiffness of sore joints. The gentle massage of the jets brings the warmth of the water deep into muscle tissue, relaxing muscles that have stiffened to protect inflamed joints. The buoyancy of the water relieves 90% of the weight on your body and eases the pressure on nerves and joints.

Improved Blood Flow

Diabetes is a major risk factor related to cardiovascular diseases. A recent British study demonstrated that lowering blood pressure can significantly reduce the diabetic’s risks of cardiovascular diseases. Soaking in the warmth of a Softub spa dilates the blood vessels and drops blood pressure. The improved blood flow carries increased levels of antibodies and white blood cells to affected areas, stimulating the formation of new tissue. Hydrotherapy’s positive effect on blood circulation can be especially helpful for diabetics who are unable to exercise.

Please consult your physician for proper treatment of diabetes. If you and your doctor agree upon utilizing the benefits of hydrotherapy, some or all of he costs of a Softub spa may qualify as a deductible medical expense.

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