Montana Softub Testimonials

Softub Lovers are all over the USA. They stop in and tell us all the time how much they love thier Softub Experience. Here are just few of the folks that have signed our book.

Great Product- Very comfortable and always ready to go. Don't use a lot of chemicals-you don't need them. You won't be disappointed.

Wayne and Barbara G. - Victorville, CA

We bought our Softub 5 years ago. Its been great. We have NEVER regretted our purchase and we NEVER had any trouble with it.

Pat and Sandra B. 

FANTASTIC!! Portable goodness! Plug It right into a regular outlet! No electrician needed-

Jim F. - Whitefish, MT

I bought my Softub here about 5 years ago and I still enjoy it.

Jeanette K. 

Love my tub, easy to care for, economical to run, the perfect answer to a long hard day. Would never trade it for one of the molded seat types.

Betty G. Frenchtown - MT

Our Softub is fantastic. It's Simple, comfortable, and a DAILY REQUIREMENT for us.

Paul B. 

Love getting in ours after a long day at work - takes away the aches and pains and stress.

Janelle & Jim G. 

Love our Tub. Moving it was SO EASY, I would buy another when the time comes.

Mack P. 

Make a great evening in the summer or winter. Easy to move. Easy to set up and keep up.

Cooke K. 

I think the Softubs are GREAT. Good to relax your aching Muscles.

Joy C.